Currency conversion fees: Did you ever feel cheater after exchanging money?

Wise transfer: The best way to save on currency conversion fees

Wise (Previously known as Transferwise) is a lightning-quick service that allows you to save enormously on currency conversion fees. The cost of transferring money abroad is much lower relative to traditional banks and foreign-exchange money brokers because they apply a (1) low transfer fee, and (2) the real mid-market exchange rate. The

The Berkus method: A pre-revenue valuation method

The Berkus method: an elegantly simple model to value a pre-revenue start-up

The Berkus method provides entrepreneurs and early-stage investors with a simple framework to value a pre-revenue startup by focusing on risk factors instead of financial projections. This method is useful for founders and early-stage investors (angels, early-stage venture capital, and crowdfunding backers). However, the model’s simplicity does not replace the