You are a startup or a freelancer in need of essential investments in software tools or other digital assets. With the aid of software tools, you would be able to boost sales, outclass your competition, enhance the efficiency of your operations, and/or reduce your expenses. But the high, recurring subscription fees are a nightmare for your young business since you are on a tight budget. Does this sound familiar?

AppSumo allows you to buy cheap software licenses for your business and/or side hustle. It is the #1 software deal site where you can buy heavily discounted software deals. The majority of these deals are even lifetime deals that only require a one-off payment. There are no recurring subscription fees whatsoever! 

The quality of the software products on AppSumo is outstanding, despite their young age. In fact, you become an early adaptor of software products that are under active development. Well-known companies that have grown to become leading business tools also first launched on AppSumo, such as Intercom ($49/lifetime) and Zapier ($39/lifetime).

I bought thousands of USD’s worth of software tools on this website, such as a complete CRM system, a powerful messaging chatbot, comprehensive SEO and web analysis tools, a legal documents builder, and tools to optimize video and audio quality.

Heavily discounted software deals are your key benefit

The advantages are numerous:

  • Incredible value for money: Lifetime deals and heavily discounted annual subscriptions at unbelievable prices.
  • Stackable deals: Most software deals are stackable. Stacking licenses allow you to increase deal limits and unlock additional benefits, such as white-labeling. This way you can customize the software deal to match your current and/or future needs. 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee: If you are not fully convinced after testing the tool, you can request an instant refund. No justification is required.
  • Extra 10% discount for new clients: You get an extra 10% off on your first purchase.
  • Good karma points: With your purchase, you do not only get access to innovative business tools for yourself, but you also provide support to young tech companies.  While a lot of the products  on AppSumo are already outstanding, these companies are very receptive to user feedback and suggestions. The funding allows these companies to fund their development roadmaps and create the next killer software tool. 

The disadvantages are few:

  • Not every product is awesome. But the risk is quasi-eliminated thanks to the 60-day money-back guarantee. You can always request your refund within these 60 days.
  • After purchase, you have 60 days to redeem/activate your product before it expires. So, you need to ensure that you register your product within this timeframe. 

Last call deals

Between April 26 – April 30, AppSumo brings some customer favorite deals back for just 96 hours. Don’t let these great deals slip through your fingers!

Please note that you need to have or sign up for an AppSumo Plus membership to access the last call deals!

1. Iubenda – Lifetime – Starting at $59

Iubenda keeps your site and app compliant with all legal requirements, such as GDPR, CCPA, cookie banners, privacy policies, and terms and conditions. This website includes Iubenda’s solution (see bottom of the page to see what Iubenda can do for your website or app). 

  • Every time the law changes, the documents are automatically updated. 
  • The tool includes more than 1,300 options to customize the legal documentation. Iubenda scans your website and gives you suggestions of the elements that are missing. 
  • The Iubenda interface is user-friendly and their customer service is highly responsive. 
  • The tool supports 8 languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian. 

2. Inbox – Lifetime – Starting at $59

Inbox is an alternative to Mailchimp. The tool allows you to create attractive emails and newsletters with a drag-and-drop editor. 

  • Super easy and intuitive interface. 
  • Availability of beautiful templates for campaigns and newsletters.
  • Multi-brand management.

3. Scribe – Lifetime – Starting at $69

Scribe converts your emails in a powerful marketing tool through call-to-action buttons and promotional banners. 

  • The tool is designed to enhance brand awareness and increase conversion rates. 
  • Easy integration of call-to-action buttons and banners.
  • The signatures and campaigns are centrally managed. No inconsistencies between signatures of different team members or expired campaigns.

4. ElementsKit – Lifetime – Starting at $49

ElementsKit is a WP plugin for Elementor. 

  • The plugin gives access to 60+ widgets, 30+ templates, 7 modules, and 400+ ready-made sections. 
  • ElementsKit is a great add-on to the free version of Elementor. 

5. Gurucan – Lifetime – Starting at $79

Gurucan is an all-in-one platform to create mobile-friendly online courses.

  • You can create video lessons, challenges, training in different formats. 
  • The tool includes tracking activity and homework tracking capabilities.
  • Gurucan also has powerful in-built marketing capabilities. 
  • You can manage trials and membership subscriptions all from 1 tool.

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